Under His Banner of Love Udskriv
Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Lørdag, 07. april 2018 14:16

Tune:  Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine...

Blessed be Jesus, Savior divine,
with Heaven´s glory you in me now shine,
in your redemption wrought by your blood,
I find myself rejoicing in God!


O, what a gospel, O, what a grace!
Soon we shall see His wonderful face,
soon He´ll appear way up in the air,
and with His bride His glory He´ll share!

Filled with His Spirit, dead to the world,
and with His banner of great love unfurled,
to our Redeemer gladly we point,
as our lips with pow´r He´ll anoint!

Jesus is coming, this promise true
is like the morning with meadows of dew,
Lo, with the clouds He´s coming again,
as King of kings, - come soon, Lord, Amen!

7.4.18 - jn