Point to Christ With the Means God Gave You! Udskriv
Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Onsdag, 20. september 2017 18:27

Point to Christ With the Means God Gave You!

Tune:  Work for the night is coming.. (from "Hymns of the Christian Life")

Now is the gospel´s hour,
don´t to yourself resign,
ev´n when you feel no power,
Jesus still does shine!
Look at the means God gave you,
maybe a gospel tract
with saving words of rescue
given out with tact!

Don´t you get trapped with issues
that are of no avail,
speak of the gospel values,
for they´ll never fail,
point to the living Savior,
don´t build on shaky sand,
preach that the best behavior
will for God not stand!

Be like the empty vessel,
so that you can be blessed
with holy unction special
by the ones possessed
who in themselves are burdened down,
but on His might depend,
though at the saints our foes frown,
happy is our end!

Sept. 20, 2017 - jn