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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Lørdag, 14. januar 2017 05:59

A dear Christian, married couple from Iran showed up in our modest home yesterday.  They wanted me to help them because of a parking "ticket" they had just got because my Iranian brother had forgotten to put his handicap badge in the front window of his car.  Back in Iran he has suffered much torture and is now disabled for life.  What a privilege to have that dear couple in our sitting room in a genuine spirit of fellowship.

They are part of "my" Iranian group.  On Febr. 11 we shall celebrate his 50th birthday with a large number of Iranians in this town.  She said to me, "We´ll have some good food to start with, and then you speak to us!"  Praise the Lord for each open gospel door He provides along the way.

Here´s what I also shared with that dear couple yesterday.  I showed them a neat little handbag one of the Moslems, a beautiful young woman had given me on my birthday.  She smiled, "This is a bag for your Bible!"  That really moved me.  She said that.  "For your Bible!" (not for the Quran).  I promised her to use it for that very purpose, and she agreed on still coming to our gatherings where the Bible is opened.

Our Iranian couple liked my enthusiasm.  We read a word together and prayed.  "Oh Lord, You have done so many wonders in Iran already, please do it again!"  And we put before His Throne of grace specific needs within their family in Teheran and our non-Christian Iranian friends.

We read, "The earth is the Lord´s, and the fullness thereof" .  We dwelt on that.  The Lord calls Israel His land in a special sense.  But the whole world is His.  The U.S. don´t belong to Trump nor to anybody.  America belongs to Him, and so does Iran and Denmark.  And what belongs to the Lord belongs to us also, "whether Paul, Apollos, Cephas, the world, or life and death or present or future - all are yours!"  (1 Cor. 3:22).

We were suddenly filled with joy in the presence of our heavenly Father!  We didn´t feel neither bashful nor shy as His children and co-heirs of Christ.

Jan. 14, 2016 - jn