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Skrevet af Alan Navaratnam   
Tirsdag, 31. januar 2023 17:16

My frail body says yes, and so says my comprehensive medical record.  The truth is however that my distinguished practitioners without God and Jesus are the real sick ones needing the gospel´s healing power.  They will stay that way though, if they will not repent “with their heart and turn, and I would heal them.” Acts 28:27.   They are spiritual patients and lost.

The apostle Paul standing before king Agrippa, a proud governor and their retinue, heony was labelled “out of his mind” (Acts 26:24), in other words nothing but a sick man, mentally ill, but he was in fact the most sane person of all. And Agrippa probably felt so and conceded, “In a short time you would persuade me to be a Christian.”  (v. 28).

Paul wished they would all become such as he was “except for these chains” (v.29).  I dare say something like that to others “except for my frailties”.  My new nurse said to me last night, “You seem to be an interesting person, but I´m too busy now… I´m sorry.”   This was in her case true, as those dear hard workers are more busy than is good for them.  A passionate gospel testimony will always make you “interesting” whether it´s heeded or not.  If, however, we´ve become worldly (which the Corinthians were for a time and many Christians today), our testimony will be without power.  In that case we are sick ourselves and need to be restored.

Now, this is a good saying, I once learned in English, “Say it simple, say it often, and let it burn!”  It´s better to burn away than to rust away!  I remember Billy Graham said at  a conference in Amsterdam in 1972, “May we all leave this conference burning!”

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