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Skrevet af Alan Navaratnam   
Fredag, 23. september 2022 07:19

I was nearly amused this morning being afresh reminded of the Lord´s resurrection greeting to His disciples, viz. “GOOD MORNING!”  (Matth. 28:9) That´s the way the Greek word “kairete” is translated in our Danish Bible.  it´s derived from “karis” which means grace, a mighty key word in our New Testament..

When I go to bed I usually whisper to the Lord, “Good night!” knowing that a morning will follow, here or there!  I often parted with a sick or rather dying Canadian teacher at the local hospital with the words “See you in the morning!” and she would smile back with the same words.

So I let the Lord´s “Good morning” apply to my morning too.  It´s a good greeting as my mornings are not always so “good” for various reasons.    I´ve been told that this Greek word “kairete” is sill a greeting used in modern Greek.  It really means “Rejoice!” or “May all be well with you!”

At one time in my Christian life I was joyfully taught from the New Testament that as a believer in Christ I´m resurrected (raised up) with Him also.  Words like Eph. 2:6, Col. 3:1, Rom. 6:5 and other words are teaching us that wonderful and liberating truth.

I remember in old days at a missionary training center in Jersey Shore, PA,   that a small label had been put by somebody on the roof of my bunk bed in our dormitory.  It said “He is risen!”  I think the cheerful idea was, “Get up now and rejoice as a happy soul raised up with Christ!”  I thought of that this morning.

In Romania I would sometimes greet the orthodox Christians with the words, “Christ is risen!” and they smiled back with the same words.  And the children were wonderful to talk to (with an interpreter) in the same happy gospel spirit.

So be greeted friends, - some of you may actually be dying – oh yes  in the name of our risen Savior!  See you in the morning anyway! 

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