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Skrevet af Alan Navaratnam   
Mandag, 21. februar 2022 10:18

Tune:  Amazing Grace…

The open ocean deep and wide

Depicts God´s endless grace,

And as I there my sins can hide,

I there them shall not trace!

Because my sins on Christ were laid,

They drowned deep in the sea,

Where fishing never can be made,

By any foes nor me!

The ocean in the gospel sense

Shows forth its smiling grace,

And as its waters are immense,

So is my Savior´s grace!

In me I see despair and gloom,

In Christ I see but light,

That penetrates the darkest room

to make its hours bright!

I live by grace and grace alone,

In Christ I now rejoice,

With songs of praise before His Throne

My soul lifts up its voice!


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