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Skrevet af Alan Navaratnam   
Fredag, 04. februar 2022 16:50

”Come and hear, all who fear (or revere) God, and I will tell of what He has done for my soul!”  (Ps. 66:16).

These words could be our words too. However, when Christ came into my life as a very young lad (14), I was silent about it.  That made me unhappy, for I certainly wanted to tell others what had happen with my lost soul.

Well, in the long run you can´t be silent.  Nicodemus didn´t speak up to his colleagues at once, to tell, but finally he stood up for Christ in a very original and dramatic way at His cross (Joh. 19:39).  “Nicodemus came also..”  I love those words.

Indeed, I believe in original, genuine testimonies. I hate clichés.  There are not two experiences with Christ that are exactly identical, but in the beginning I thought I didn´t have much to tell compered to the high-flown testimonies of other good Christians.   Of course the Lord helped me.

The psalmist says, “…for what He has done for my soul” , i.e. for me personally.  Personal testimonies  are in short supply in many churches and elsewhere.  Sometimes I may meet somebody with a small Christian sign on the car or on the lapel, so I usually start a conversation, if possible, but the self experienced freshness is not always there.

Now, when the psalmist testified what the Lord has done for his soul in his walk with the Lord, and so he wanted to share how good the Lord has dealt with him whenever He heard his cry for help.  In the psalms of David that kind of “pastoral care” is frequently referred to.

For that reason I like to call the psalms “the spiritual diary of the believer”.  It reflects many spiritual experiences that end in a saving                                    encounter with God.  It may not always shine theatrically on a sophisticated platform.  It may be on a one-on-one-one conversation at Star Bucks or somewhere else. The opportunities are many, aren´t they?

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