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Skrevet af Alan Navaratnam   
Mandag, 30. august 2021 10:32

Our small Bible group is often upstaged by two beautiful girls (6 and 8) who step forward to sing for us.  They had previously asked me to give them a Bible.  The oldest one, Nataniela, now reads pretty good, but the youngest one, Kristeen,  has just started.  They love to look up in their Bibles when a word is explained.

We met one Saturday on one of our islands 40 miles away.  Its main town (Stege) was crowded with people who came for a fair and political talks.  Our choice was an open area with open air tables and playing facilities for the kids.

“Look, children, here are things you may play with!”  But the youngest one said, “But first of all we want the Bible!” which warmed my heart.  I tried to explain a Bible word to them.  A lot of curious people passing by wondered what we were up to.

The Bible in the open air is rather strange to our people despite the fact that Denmark is supposed to be a “Christian” nation, which however is an inveterate lie.  We studied the word from John 21:15 and dwelt on the meaning of being a lamb and the privilege to tend the little ones.

We also talked a little about Peter´s response to Jesus  when challenged whether he loved him above all.  Peter said, “Yes, Lord…” so we talked about the meaning of being a “Yes” Christian like Peter.  The girls had already given me a  drawing of a little lamb, so I held it before our group and said, “It´s really the little girls who have today decided our topic of conversation!”

Why am I telling you all that? Ah, the children are often in their spontaneity a greater inspiration than all our “deep” theology.  This is my experience at least.  Billy Graham once told us of a pastor who was so profound  that nobody understood him.  He finally realized that and started speaking to the children on their level, and now all the adult people suddenly understood what he meant.

I hope to draw on that wisdom, for it has a point, hasn´t it?  8/29/21 - jn

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