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Skrevet af Alan Navaratnam   
Fredag, 13. august 2021 19:57

When the inspired word of God, - breathed upon by the Holy Spirit -, and through the His holy Apostles as His chosen instruments, emphasizes that the one they preach and point to is this Jesus whose voice His sheep hear and follow and not anybody else who is boosted as “Jesus” by false preachers of whom the apostle warned (2 Co. 11:4) -  no matter how loud that “Jesus” is proclaimed.  You can tell it by the voice.

Filled by His Spirit the apostle Peter doesn´t speak at random, but preaches what the Holy Spirit wants him to preach pinpointedly, i.e. “this Jesus” and not a fake Jesus, but “that same Jesus”  (Acts 2:36), yes “the One, Jesus Christ”  (Rom. 5:17) – the only One.

I once went to a “Youth for Christ” meeting with one my co-students in PA.  His name was Roy.  We found that “fleshly” means prevailed, and Roy whispered, “Jesus is not here!” -  Then Billy Graham preached in the power of the Spirit, and Roy again whispered with a smile, “Boy, He is preaching the same gospel as we´re preaching!”  And we both rejoiced.  Indeed, we both sensed the voice of “this same Jesus”  (Acts 1:11).

We certainly need spiritual discernment these days.  You always get the “uncorrupted commodity”, spiritually speaking,  when you in the morning before the dew has vanished, feed upon the word listening afresh to the voice of the Shepherd.  What he conveys to your heart, no theological books can, regardless how good they are.  It is at such moments you feel like saying, “It is the Lord!”  (John 21:7), indeed “this same Jesus!”

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