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Skrevet af Alan Navaratnam   
Fredag, 13. august 2021 19:36

In Denmark the gospel about the birth of Jesus is proclaimed from the gospel of Luke 2:1-20 to the majority of my people at Christmas Eve. For our churches are thronged with Christmas enthusiasts. It´s different this year though because of the raging pandemic the world over.

There is an alternative gospel account in Matt. 2:1-1-12 which is also read at Christmas, and I kindly ask you to read that passage before you go on with this devotional. Matt. 2 raises one big question about the learned theologians in Israel, Why didn´t they go to Bethlehem themselves?

They had Bible knowledge enough to know where they could find Jesus, and they solemnly shared that knowledge with king Herod who again sent on the Eastern wise men to Bethlehem, but why in the world didn´t they, the scribes, join them? Why didn´t they go with them to Bethlehem?

The answer is exactly what the answer is right now in our age too.  It was not lack of knowledge that kept them from going.  But what was it?  It was their hostile hearts despite all their knowledge.  Like in Denmark. 

The churches packed with merry people preach at length the story of Jesus in keeping with Luke 2 and Matth. 2 and they feel good about it, not to mention the many Christmas carols, they sing, but the Christmassy crowds don´t care about the Lord, but focus on a lot of empty Christmas things with hostile hearts to God despite all their Christmas knowledge and emotions. Like the learned the leaders of this day too. Unaffected.

This Christmas greeting, dear friend, is not just about emotions, but a calling from God to repent with an honest, contrite heart receiving the only Savior of your lost soul – the greatest gift of all.. Or else this Christmas will forever become your doom.  Oh, may that not happen!

Dec. 13, 2020 - jn

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