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Skrevet af Alan Navaratnam   
Fredag, 13. august 2021 19:34

The raging pandemic is far too grave to make us happy-go-lucky and be carried away by frivolity and amusements, and yet worldly people amuse themselves to death, maybe right now with some sweet Christmas icing that covers up for our real  spiritual need facing the eternity.

With our National Lutheran church the show goes go on, and its priests give false hopes to their congregations. No word of awakening is heard, as its people are supposed to be already born again on the virtue of their infant baptism.  It sounds like a joke, but it´s not, and my people perish with that lie. “But my people love to have it so!”  (Jer. 5:31)

The majority of the Danish people doesn´t care about God nor Jesus, and yet they stick to their membership of our Lutheran, apostate church for security reasons, - just in case you  know…  It´s not better in America.

More than 100 years a world pandemic called “The Spanish Flu”  infected abt. 500 million people, abt. a third of the world´s population at that time, and it killed possibly more than 50 million people.  I have from my early youth in Norway known old men of God who witnessed that plague and were God´s tools for great awakenings for the salvation of thousands.

Will that happen again or will my people keep on amusing themselves to death?  We hope not.  And yet I meet people who tell me how content they are with the false security of their church and its soothing programs.  “But what will you do when the end comes?”  (Jer. 5:31).

But still the shortest sermon of awakening the Lord cries out to my lost people, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand;  repent and believe the gospel!”  (Mk. 1:15).  That way is still open today as it was during the pandemic abt. 100 years ago.  Dec. 21, 2020 - jn

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