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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Onsdag, 19. august 2020 17:26

At one place in the Bible it says that Jesus was “going out of the temple” (Mk. 13:1), and at another place it says that “we, His followers, have the confidence to enter the holy place by the blood of Jesus” (Hebr. 10:19).

Now, compare those two Bible references with one another.  You can´t, so to speak, put them on the same footing.  They convey two different “stories”.  In Mark 13 Jesus leaves the temple and pronounces its doom in that long chapter.  In Hebrews we boldly enter that holy place, the heavenly tabernacle, not made by men, where He is now, and we do it because of the merits of His precious blood.

“We have many fine church buildings, many fine preachers and many fine sermons”, a conference speaker once said at a gathering in Sweden, “but we have very few with a passion for souls.”  That was to him the crux of the matter in a gathering without a temple´s pomp and circumstance, but still gathered in the presence of God where passion for the souls is kindled contrasted with mere church ornaments.

In my very young days at the training center (“boot camp”) of New Tribes Mission in PA we had in our studies a topic called “the indigenous church” meaning the planting of a simple church of converted natives in the jungle.  A rather refreshing study, especially in a country with their fine churches on almost every street corner.

Ken Finney, the leader of the mission, once pushed the study to its extremes by saying, “You may have an indigenous church at the girls´ dorm”.  A cheerful statement, but he had a point.  A church is more than a beautiful building.

Let me make this concession.  My physical condition doesn´t allow me to move much around.The concept of church has been much watered down where our national, Lutheran church authorized by the state is now a deadening machinery.


But still,  I take great delight every morning to “enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus”, i.e. into the presence of God, and the older I get, the more precious has this truth become to my old heart.  Here I want to live and here I want to die “sprinkled with His blood” (1 Pet. 1:2) trying to share with others what a joy it is to be forgiven and redeemed by His blood.

8/15/20 - jn

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