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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Lørdag, 20. juni 2020 11:23

Today I like to share with you just a thought which in a way has its origin in the current fear of being caught with the fast running Corona-infection all over the world. The TV news seems to have Corona and only Corona on the screen put into our throats.

However, this is the thought.  We may be contagious in a positive sense also.  Enthusiasm is catching, is it not?  When I was a salesman I was very aware of my own deficiencies, and I read know-how books about good salesmanship, but I don´t think I profited much from them. 

But I soon learned the secret and power of enthusiasm and I found out how contagious it is. Because of this I became a good salesman, in fact the best in our group.  But really I was not the best.  I was rather stupid.

But a follower of Jesus should be a catching carrier of the “disease” of exuberant joy.  I don´t believe in boredom – I hate it -, and I don´t believe a true Christian is boring. But how do we get caught?

To start with you want to make sure if your Christianity is nothing but a dead religion or it really stems from the joy of knowing our Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior and great sin bearer on our behalf.  “I bring you good news of great joy”  (Luke 2:10) it was proclaimed at the birth of Jesus.  Do you know that joy right now especially at this juncture?

Secondly, a daily contact with the Bible, the book of truth, is a contagious experience.  In this realm God´s word  just breathes upon you by His Holy Spirit who has inspired the word.  I´m asking you again, is this your daily experience?  If so, you well know how it transcends the fear of Corona.

So this was the simple thought I feel prompted to share with you this morning.  I´m really directing you to a life of true joy contrary to just a boring, deadening religion.  Religion in general is about a lot of things that you must do to  saved.  The gospel is the good news about Jesus and what He has done for the salvation of your soul.  Do notice the difference!

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