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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Lørdag, 20. juni 2020 11:22

When I was preaching in old days in Norway with many afflictions but also many blessings, an outstanding preacher wrote me (and this was before the e-mail age) to assure me of God´s faithfulness despite all my trials.

He also wrote, “Be on your guard against women, for over the years I´ve seen how  preachers got their lives ruined because of illicit feelings and outright lechery.”   I little knew how relevant it was.   God kept me from going that far with other women, but a I must admit, it was close. Indeed, “I was on the verge of total ruin.”  (Prov. 5:14)

An old friend of mine, a celebrated Bible teacher, confided to me, “When I became a widower (which happened as a young man), I could write books about the many women who chased me.  One night as I checked in at a hotel, a woman was waiting for me.”  He said, “If I had yielded, I would have wrecked my life.”  In other words, temptations were there.

I´ve been told that Frank Mangs, a well known revivalist throughout our Nordic countries, once asked a young girl, “Do you love Jesus?”  She said, “No, but I love you!”  His answer was, “Get behind me, Satan!”

Sexual unfaithfulness is flourishing today and grows worse and worse.  Our churches on this western hemisphere are full of it and yet very little is spoken about it from the pulpits by way of warning and healthy teaching from God´s word. But above all, about forgiveness and restoration also.  But thank God, some do. “He restores my soul.”  Ps. 23:3. Oh, what a wonderful God!

My old preacher friend in Norway held forth God´s word to my young soul and took my eyes away from myself and pointed to Christ.  This is an effective means to all of us, isn´t it?  “How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to Your word.”  (Ps. 119:9).

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