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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Lørdag, 20. juni 2020 11:20

Some people would say they are “good” Christians, but they are not Christians at all.  They  may be distinguished people in high positions or just common churchgoers with a grasp of Christian doctrines, church membership, good reputation, good creeds or theological education.

My country is flooded with such “nice” people.  They may be “nice” all right, but in the eyes of God they are beyond the gopel´s reach and still need to repent and be saved through our Lord Jesus Christ. I often think of the passage in the gospel of John, chapter 2, where “many believed in His name” (v.23), - “but Jesus on His part did not entrust Himself to them”, in other words, Jesus didn´t believe in their “Christianity”.

That kind of story has repeated itself again and again over the years and in many countries.  At this time, because of the Corona-crisis we read about a certain interest in churches, services and thoughts about God, but that´s not enough.  It may be outward motions towards religion, but “the real thing” is missing, i.e. the cry of the lost man in one our Lord´s parables who said, “God be merciful to me, a sinner!”  (Luke 18:13).

At the time of the prophet Jeremiah we likewise read of a religious people, i.e. Jeremiah´s own people, who despite their wickedness far away from God, were bold enough to say, “We are saved!”  (Jer. 7:10, Danish rendering), but they were not.  They deceived themselves.

I once did myself.  My mother told me how different my life would be once He led me from darkness into His light.  I remember how her words disturbed me. What did she mean?  Am I not in the light?  Am I still in a spiritual darkness without Christ.  Yes, that was the naked truth.  But thank God, I one day came to Christ, and the spiritual darkness had gone.

But what about you?  O, get “the real thing” of His free salvation.  In gospel of John 2 we read of deceived professors of religion.  In John 3 we read of a man who came to Jesus by night and was not deceived.  Make sure you are like him.

– April 23, 2020 - jn

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