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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Lørdag, 20. juni 2020 10:43

It´s now 75 year ago Denmark was liberated from the German occupation forces.  Our TV is flooded with pictures and stories from that time, but my story is better.

When I was a child I looked at the Germans as monsters. When I grew up and later had the privilege of serving as a soldier with the Danish medical corps in Itzehoe, in Schleswig-Holstein, the Germans soon became my best friends.  Indeed, I think that  most of them didn´t want Hitler nor the Nazi wars.  They were subjected to a demon possessed dictator and his insane hatred against the Jewish people.

I went to a local Baptist church and became part of its families from whom I learned a lot about German culture, music, singing and their noble traditions.  They taught me to speak German properly , and they never made fun of my broken accent.

Because of my Christian background I mingled solely with Christian friends and again I learned a lot.  I “bragged” about the fact that Denmark long time ago “owned” Schleswig-Holstein where I happened to be a guest. We grinned about it.

I was very interested in theology and how their pastors administered their duties, and I think they had the most committed theologians.  I´m talking of course of those who, as I did, stood on the same evangelical foundation.  I felt is a great honor when time and again I was invited to preach to lovable German Christians.

I also spoke at some schools.  The children embraced me as much as I embraced them.  Their school children are very polite and eager to ask questions.  In Austria they all stand up for their new guest, saying in chorus, “Grüss Gott!”

At a hotel in Westfalen I was welcomed by the owner, a fine lady.  On my table there was a small paper where I read the heading, “Das Wort für heute.”  I inquired about it, and she looked firmly at me and said, “Ich glaube an Jesus Christus!”  And there on the spot she gave her testimony.  The very same night she invited me to go with her to a prayer meeting in a local Baptist church.  I remember it as a great blessing.

Kennedy said many years ago,  “Ich bin ein Berliner!”  I don´t say that exactly, but like to say out of love to my German Christian friends, “Ich bin Euer Bruder!”

May 5, 2020 - jn

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