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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Onsdag, 10. juni 2020 13:54

”Be on your guard against women”, a godly preacher friend once warned me in my very young days.  But I little knew of its full implications.

My hearth cries when I think of good preachers whom I admired and looked up to whose lives were wrecked by illicit relationships.  

One old and much-admired preacher told me of the many women who chased him when he as a young handsome widower.  “At my hotel a woman was one night waiting for me but if I had given in my whole life would have been wrecked.”  The Lord in His grace kept his path clean.

That same friend walked one day down-town with a well known Swedish preacher. A drunkard, ravaged by sin, approached  them.  The Swedish brother quietly remarked, “That man is me except for the grace of God!”

Many women have tried to get off with me.  I understood that Swede so well as I often found myself “at the brink of utter ruin”  (Prov. 5:14).  So when I lament the ruin of others within the church, I must with trembling say, “It could easily have been you!” So I´m not throwing stones. 

Having said all that I have joyful stories about women too.  Godly women have meant a lot to me. Their wisdom and spiritual insight have often been helpful to me.  In America not the least.  I never chased their girls over there, but godly sisters  were often a blessing to my spiritual life.

The best, nay the only way of avoiding “advances” is Christ and get lost in His gospel and its truths.  We are not exempted from temptations, and we shouldn´t pretend we are.  But our identification with Christ as taught in the liberating epistle to the Romans is what His Spirit is driving at in our lives.  Do you know of a better way?  I know of no other!

June 9, 2020 - jn


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