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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Tirsdag, 24. september 2019 15:11

Yesterday was another bright day as my wife and I  were together with a 95 years old missionary, Jacob Sode, and one of his two sons, Philip, and Philip´s his adorable wife, Karin, plus an adopted son, David, who was on holiday from Papua New Guinea to spend a couple of weeks with his old Dad.  Jacob´s wife, Sophie, went to be with the Lord a few years ago.

We had precious fellowship with them all.   As missionaries up in the bush, they once picked up a shabby baby from the drain, as it were, adopted him, and to make a long story short he finally, well educated ended up with the government in a top position.  He is now 58, doesn´t work anymore, but radiates the Lord, and before we parted he led us into prayer, and I tell you I wouldn´t have missed that prayer for anything!

Jacob and his wife, Sophie, left Demark in 1959 -  the same year I came to a "boot camp" with New Tribes Mission in Jersey Shore, PA.  Their goal was Papua New Guinea, but stopped  en route with New Tribes Mission in Australia.  They sought their fellowship, but it didn´t work.  I think it was due to some doctrinal issues, but I´m not sure about the details.

So they went to Papua New Guinea and started up from scratch in the highland.  The Lord blessed and eventually an indigenous fellowship was suddenly there.  They labored with hardships for abt. 28 years, but at that time Jacob was severely attacked by asthma and was hospitalized.

Eventually they had to move to Port Moresby, the capital, because of his health.  There Jacob had a wonderful ministry in the local prison, and the prison authorities soon made him a prison chaplain to minister among criminals, murderers and all sorts of scum.

Abt. 15 years ago he and his wife returned to Denmark, still with fond energy, and  my wife and I were among those who celebrated his 80 years birthday.  And now we saw that dear man of God,  in a wheel chair, with a sweet fragrance of Christ, often laughing  full of wonderful humor.

What a treat to be with him and his family.  We actually called on an oasis, and we went home encouraged an challenged anew.

Sept. 24, 2019. - jn

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