Forside Poetry Exalting Christ and His Grace
Exalting Christ and His Grace Udskriv Email
Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Søndag, 15. september 2019 11:40

Tune:  Take my life and let it be..

Thank you, God, for Jesus Christ,
what for me He sacrificed,
thank you for His cleansing blood
with its grace in fullest flood.

Thank you that you took me in
and for me Christ was made sin,
you for me this truth revive:
I with Him was made alive! (Eph. 2:5)

As you patiently bend my will,
that with Christ you may me fill,
as you me with pow´r anoint,
I to Christ may boldly point!

You in love do bring me low,
so that I in grace may grow
and the world  about Him tell,
I thus sound the gospel bell!

Glory to His Name alone
who made me among His own,
O, despite my saddest fault
I look up and Christ exalt!

Sept. 15, 2019 - jn

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