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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Onsdag, 07. august 2019 05:46

Tune:  Abide with me...

Be strong in Christ and in His pow´r alone,
by faith be seated with Him on His Throne,
in feeble men no comfort ever take,
don´t let them you from all His sweetness shake!

Look at the stars that human skill can´t count,
to billions they in time and space amount,
yet in God´s Son all things united are,
we also are though from each star afar!

Invisible His presence still is real
based on His word, not on poor man´s ideal,
His Spirit His reality brings home,
so that in nowhere you no more will roam!

But when you to yourself feel left alone,
you are by God and Heaven´s armies known,
those with you are in great majority **)
may He anoint our eyes that this we see!

With God´s unbending truth thus come to terms,
God´s Spirit in you all its pow´r affirms,
so in the field ***) stand if need be alone,
for on to victory with you He´ll groan!

August 7, 2019 - jn

*) Eph. 1:10
**) 2 Kings 6:16
***) 2 Sam. 23:12

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