Forside Poetry Gospel Power in All Our weakness
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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Fredag, 26. Juli 2019 04:16

Tune:  Try to find your own tune! (In Danish it could be:  Min Jesus, lad mit hjerte få…)

To know the Lord is all I want,
head knowledge will not do,
we will this age with Christ confront
with gospel joy anew!
Your weakness always will be there,
you feel inadequate,
but wash your face and Jesus share,
His pow´r on you is great!

Don´t be too "perfect" and remote,
the gospel is at stake,
put on its down-to-earth old coat
for poor lost sinners´ sake!
O, tell them what in Christ you´ve found,
exalt His saving grace,
let´s shout with joy at this sweet sound,
each with a radiant face!

Your words of language may be poor
with strangers on your way,
and yet His love is felt for sure,
though little you may say!
Again be of the gospel proud,
at sea, at land, by flight,
for even in the busy crowd,
some need its saving light!

July 26, 2019 - jn

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