Forside Poetry In Christ All Things Are better!
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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Fredag, 19. Juli 2019 09:41

Tune:  A Mighty Fortress Is Our God...

My soul, despite your inward pain
your Rock is never failing,
despite your weakness He does reign,
with Him you are prevailing,
He everything has done,
for you He vict´ry won,
no matter what you feel,
to Calvary appeal,
where Satan was defeated!

Don´t trust the fleshly arm of man,
that leads to dried up living,
God has a wondrous saving plan
that leads to our thanksgiving,
its theme is Christ alone
in glory on His throne,
by faith be seated there,
your cure against despair
is that high royal standing!

This our challenge day by day
to act on Jesus´ merits,
my soul that once had lost its way,
His blessings now inherits,
for Christ my fullness is
up in the heavenlies,
the moon they may explore
its dust they only saw,
in Christ all things are better!

July 19. 2019

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