Forside Poetry Marching On And Pressing On
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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Torsdag, 23. maj 2019 17:29

Tune:  Bless God from whom all bessings flow...

March on, my soul, pres on and on,
with Christ you have the battle won,
the shield of faith with boldness lift,
make use of this most precious gift!

For you there is a path prepared,
the Lord has for you so far cared,
for He your inner thirst will meet
right on the desert sand of heat!

The words are many on the screen,
its messages so well they mean,
but help me, Lord, to love your will,
which is my meat and all my thrill!

Our thesis is that only Christ
who was for sinners sacrificed,
providing for our peace of heart,
o, do not miss that saving part!

March onward, soldier of the cross
count worldly pleasures but as loss,
be strong alone, nay, if need be,
do side with Christ, for He´s the key!

May 23, 2019 - jn

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