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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Tirsdag, 26. marts 2019 07:44

"When either a man or a woman makes a special vow of a Nazarite (= separated or consecrated) to separate himself to the Lord, he shall separate himself from wine or strong drink..No razor should touch his head..". ( Nu. 6:1-3, 5)

This piece of instruction from the old covenant  is of course to be understood in the gospel light of the new covenant like the rest of the readings of Pentateuch.

There is such a thing, though, as being separated to the Lord.  A dear preacher friend of mine testified to the grace of Christ that overwhelmed him in such a manner that all he could say to the Lord was, if that´s really how matters stand, do with me what you want.  That he told us, and so he too on gospel terms became a God´s "Nazirite", i.e. separated as His bondservant for the gospel and its cause.

But that´s challenge to all of us who are saved by grace.

The English preacher and Bible teacher, F.B. Meyer, has helpful words on that old reading.  About being separated from wine and strong drink, F.B. Meyers says, "If we must have exhilaration or stimulus, let us seek it in the Holy Spirit, not in worldly excitement."  Cf. Eph. 5:18-19.

A timely word to the present Christian church in this western hemisphere that has become more and more worldly knowing less and less of being filled with the Holy Spirit in a healthy, biblical sense.
About the razor part (v.5) he writes, "Many are the razors waiting to deprive us of our crowns!"  Again another warning against worldliness.

This is not about being morbidly and cheerlessly  legalistic, but to be separated to Christ and be overwhelmed by His grace as Isaiah was, when his mouth was touched by the alter of Christ.  Isa. 6:7.  He said, "Here I am!  Send me!"

March 26, 2019 - jn

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