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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Torsdag, 14. februar 2019 18:44

Tune:  Break Thou the Bread of life...

Thanks for the bread of life which is your word,
thanks for its sweetness which my ear has heard,
your Shepherd´s voice so tender and dear
brings me into your holy presence near!

O, just a word from you, I´m soon content,
it meets my need just like an angel sent,
the overseer for my sick heart
you do in grace anew to me impart!

My feeble voice in faith I try to rise,
your word will make me for salvation wise,
hungry my soul does not know where to turn,
except to you for whom I thirst and yearn!

Above it all hold forth Calvary´s cross,
apart from God´s dear Lamb count all but loss,
o, let me plead with you and tell you why
nobody else will hear a sinner´s cry!

So let the bread of life be Jesus Christ,
thank Him for what for you He sacrificed,
with you my knees I humbly will bow,
for He will save your soul today right now!

2/14/19 - jn

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