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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Mandag, 04. februar 2019 16:51

Last Thursday two likeable men from Jehovah´s Witnesses made their long way from Copenhagen to our home in Næstved to have me explain the two beasts in Rev. 13.  I tried to do that according to my imperfect understanding of God´s word.

So our Bibles were on the coffee table, and as we looked up the book of Revelation we were wonderfully charmed with its proper title,  "The Revelation of Jesus Christ", ch. 1:1.  It was immediately made clear to us, at least to me, that this  books not about revelations, but unveils one big revelation of our glorified Lord.  It stayed with me as a blessing, even when the two gentlemen had left our home.

I believe the Spirit of God wanted to clarify how all important it is to study that book so that our Lord Jesus Christ may be revealed afresh to us through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, whose desire is to glorify Him (Joh. 16:14) despite the fact that  many things in the prophetic word we don´t understand right now, which has less to say as long as the Holy Spirit reveals Christ to our hearts "that He may fill all things" (Eph. 4:10), regardless other things in our lives that may fill too much.

So my prayer was that the Jehovah´s Witness men were impressed with the testimony of Christ and be drawn to Him for salvation and true satisfaction.  Strangely enough several J.W. people have come to our door where I share with them how Christ came into my life.  A young girl (19) said to me, "I could have listened to you for hours, but may I come back, and bring my Dad along too?"  Of course I welcomed the idea.

A dear brother in the U.S. gave me this tip as a young man, "Speak well of Christ!"  That´s what His Spirit induces us to do.  We may "in the flesh" argue about a lot of theological matters, but if we allow the Spirit to fill us with Christ everything  will inevitably click.

A Lutheran church goer from a neighbor district sees me regularly.  "I understand that you´re much taken up with Christ?" he said.  May that be true and be the name I leave behind me.  This is my wish for you also.

Febr. 4, 2019 - jn

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