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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Fredag, 01. februar 2019 16:45

- exhibited in the life of Joseph -

Tune:  All the Way the Savior Leads Me..

Let us quietly be thinking
of God´s providence right when
we in grief are deeply sinking
due to fickle, faithless men,
but you God will still be trusting,
for in Him is no deceit,
./. All your ways He is adjusting
though abased now at His feet! ./.

Joseph God in love was leading,
though all odds against him were,
but God´s word he still was heeding
while hard tests God let occur  (Ps. 105:19)
Lo, God´s providence was ruling
just in keeping with His plan,
./. God with him was never fooling,
but made him His chosen man! ./.

On God´s providence be dwelling,
look to Christ, in Him calm down!
When your foes are at you yelling
or your friends at times may frown,
for your good God much is doing
as He did in Joseph´s case  (Gen. 51:20),
./. from His Throne your path He´s viewing
with His sovereign plan of grace!  ./.

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