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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Fredag, 20. april 2018 06:30

Tune:  All the Way My Savior Leads Me...

Bright are living waters flowing,  (Rev. 22:1)
from His Throne my thirst is met,
gently is His Spirit blowing
that new power I may get,
for the world that tries to charm me
is a barren desert land,
//:  as His heav´nly heir I´m happy
in the rank where now I stand!  ://

Here on earth I am no longer
to this sinful world alive,
thus His grace now makes me stronger
as I in His presence thrive,
Christ for me is now my glory
and my standing high and new,
//:   Christ in me is too my story
that makes all His fullness true!  ://

As my life on earth is ending
I´ll depart in His sweet grace,
He His angel will be sending
that will take me to that place
where a throng I shall be meeting
that will sing before His Throne,
//:  where in majesty He´s seating
to be known as we are known!  ://

4/20/18 - jn

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