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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Lørdag, 03. februar 2018 05:33

Blood is thicker than water, and the family ties over there give America a soft place in my heart.  But it´s more than that.  My American brothers and sisters in the Lord make me feel close to a people whose motto is "In God We Trust!"

That beautiful motto was emphatically quoted by the president in his  emotional state of union speech, but I wish that the outspoken and courageous statesman had also had the courage to dwell on the implications of that motto with a humble and realistic need of a national, spiritual awakening.  How it would suit the majestic Capitol Hill so well.

At this juncture The United States of America are divided as never before, for "every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation" and as long as the Republicans and Democrats bitterly oppose one another before the eyes of a watching world on issues that should be overcome in the overall interest of a healthy domestic rule, America is brought to spiritual desolation already.

Trump takes pride in going against the tide (which fascinates me personally), and this would really be a kick if he dared cry out something like this, "Let´s humble ourselves before the Almighty, confess our sins, get right with God and tune in with the gospel on which Patrick Henry more than 200 years ago claimed our nation to be built upon!"

This is the kind of voice many Americans would long for and will respond to.  The many, many churches in the U.S. should humbly respond to it right now instead of having a religious machinery going.  I know it´s useless  trying to strike on that harp string, at least when it comes to the well established mega churches, but I know there are smaller groups standing on the walls on  Zion who are exercised in those terms.

God give us, on this side of the Atlantic, grace enough to join you!  We love you!

Febr. 3, 2018 - jn

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