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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Tirsdag, 07. november 2017 08:44

My Tamil friend, Alan, told me with a beam of delight that 400 gospel calendars (2018) given to us from devoted Christians from the U.S. have been distributed in his village district, and some contacts were made.  I myself have a number too for my immediate surroundings.

Now, Alan had to start with a Roman Catholic background which however faded away pretty soon after we got acquainted with one another abt. 5 years ago.  He works very hard, but we look to the Lord for a "way of escape"  (1  Cor. 10:13) so that he may be permanently part of our  fellowship.   He and his wife plus two girls (2 and 4) are so precious to us.

Alan´s widow mother and two married sisters live here in this town, Næstved, and they often heard the gospel in our gatherings in our home but then they chose to do without us.  The Pope became their choice.

I was almost moved to tears when Alan this morning confided to me that he has decided not to visit his catholic family in this town anymore. After all they took a stand against me, and Alan wants to side with me as Paul encouraged Timothy to do with him (2 Tim. 1:8).

With our Iranian friends it´s a little easier.  Two of them have recently  received Christ, John 1:12.  We feel so rich and enriched.  Abt. 25 miles from here our 93 years old friend, Jacob, - once a missionary to PNG - gives out the word of the gospel to a hungry group of Iranians.  There are linguistic hurdles, and yet the air is full Christ and His gospel.

I learn though that wherever I go one of the hindrances to the gospel is the church!  The established church machinery mind you, - the papal church yes, but also the religious game called "church" which in this country is equivalent to the state church and many so called free churches who are often aping worldly manners where Christ is mentioned but as a name only without the anointing of His Spirit.

I often have to answer questions about the church I go to, and my answer is that my church is wherever and whenever we are gathered in (unto) the name of Christ (Mt. 18:20).  The mission of that church is - missions!  That is:  to know Christ and make Him
known.  Nov. 7, 2017 - jn

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