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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Mandag, 30. oktober 2017 16:13

We were in a nice room borrowed from the library of a small town abt. 25 miles away.  A 93 years old man of God, Jacob, - once a missionary to Papua New Guinea - sat down at the end of the table. 

He´s a good friend of mine so I was permitted to be just a fly on the wall and sat down with abt. 20 hungry young people, Iranians, mind you, that had fled from Iran. My wife, Solfrid, was with me.  Our missionary friend spoke English and  was translated into the Farsi language.

Because of my modest ministry among Iranians in our town, Næstved, I took a keen interest in that informal set-up.  Jacob took us immediately to the book of Romans and explained in simple terms what the gospel is all about.  His "congregation" was riveted right there on their seats.

There was no platform show, no silly pastor jokes, no traditional or contemporary "worship" music, just the word.  He said to me before  I came, "I don´t do anything except telling them what is in the Bible!"  That indeed pleased the Lord, I believe, and He was there (Mt. 18:20).

We spoke to some afterwards and told them about our own Sundays with Iranian friends.  Oh, they wanted to see us and yesterday, three of them showed up.  One of them, Muhammed (43)  is from West Africa, Sierra Leone, and for some reason my heart went out to him in particular.  He told me how tired he was of Islam and wanted to learn about Jesus.

I did what Jacob did on Saturday and gave out Rom. 1:16.  Muhammed drank it all in, and when we finally prayed together, he prayed too thanking God for His great gift in Christ.  I was awed before the Lord.
A young Iranian girl (29) asked me, "Where is your church?"  I said, "My church is wherever God´s word is preached and we are gathered to His name", - so I said to those who came to us yesterday, the Lord´s Day, "Today you´re going to church!" Ah, the Iranian girl understood and gave me a warm smile.

The Lord was again among us to the effect that a seeking, thirsty ex-Moslem in his own words embraced Christ as Lord.

October 30, 2017 - jn

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