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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Fredag, 22. september 2017 12:11

I´m not naive.  I know there is a rapidly growing flank of atheists over here.  The European rebellion against God and against our spiritual heritage are coming this way also.  And yet I´m pro USA because of the still existing freedom to preach Jesus Christ.
I´m thinking of a lot of things that point in that direction, and I´m happily speaking of my own experience right where I happen to be.  When I was warmly welcomed to a wonderful Christian school -"Riverside Christian School" - and took part in their "Glad songs of salvation" (Ps. 118:18) and afterwards spoke to radiant students, I have at least one big reason for standing up for America.

I still see before my inner eyes their receptive faces flanked by smiling teachers, and that made it so easy for me to speak a word to them.  Nay, I´m almost touched to tears.  My thoughts go to those countries under godless and Christ-less regimes where the children sing different songs.

The children were too kind when on a usb I showed them the Danish flag side by side with "Stars and Stripes" and asked them which flag they found to be the prettiest.  But of course I agreed when the Danish banner won!  But the children know what the American flag stands for, and I could point to the white cross in our flag, and I had them all with me when I referred to the true cross of Christ and its gospel.

I wish I could have spent all day with that happy school which to me is just one out of many examples of how the Christian testimony still has its free course in a nation whose motto is:  "In God We Trust."

It´s also the country of a wealth of Bible editions.  I couldn´t help singing with the whole chapel the simple verse, "My B-i-b-le,  for that´s the book for me..." etc.  Now you understand why I´m pro America!

I noticed Trump said the word "revival" in his speech in U.N. (though in a political context), but may we as Christian experience a genuine spiritual revival in our witnessing for Jesus Christ!

 Yakima, WA, Sept. 22, 2017 - Jørn Nielsen

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