Forside Poetry Standing Before Him in Grace
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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Mandag, 12. juni 2017 12:29

Tune:  Abide with me...

Thank you, o Lord, for access to your Throne,
on Jesus´ merits and His cross alone,
unworthy I do bow before you there,
but still as blood bought child and Heaven´s heir!

Despite my failure and self-caused defeats
your Throne of grace me with forgiveness meets,
where sin abounded, greater was your grace,
that does bring forth you smile upon my face!

I by your cross to this old world have died,
yet with its folly it wants me to side,
but as it subtly offers me its arm,
I see how full of guile is all its charm!

So by His grace I do press on and on,
His word does shine as in the past it shone,
and to my wings He strength will give anew,
and what He promised He again will do!

Thank you again, I am with you enthroned,
it strengthens me as I have often groaned,
with sighs unspeakable here deep below,
still is in Christ my standing,  that I know!

June 12, 2017 -  jn

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