Forside Poetry Empty Vessels - a Pentecost Hymn
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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Lørdag, 03. juni 2017 08:51

"Vessels from everywhere, empty vessels, do not gather just a few!"  (2 Kings 4:3)

Tune:  Have Thine own way Lord...

His Spirit empty vessels does fill,
as we before Him try to be still,
when we feel empty in our soul,
His holy breath alone makes us whole!

His Spirit´s help we already know,
His gentle breeze upon us does blow,
in our thirst for His living word,
the voice of Jesus we soon have heard!

A fresh anointing like Pentecost
our lips do need to speak to the lost,
our words and charming manners will fail,
we humbly must His Spirit inhale!

"Bring empty vessels, not just a few!"  (2 Kings 4:3)
So was the message simple and true,
o, may as needy we heed this call,
then Jesus Christ will be all in all!

Don´t shun this humbling message, my friend,
thank Him who does to you condescend,
not to condemn, but in love He will
your empty vessel with power fill!

3.6.17 - jn

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