Forside Poetry Extolling His Great Love
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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Onsdag, 26. april 2017 16:42

Tune:  What a Friend We Have in Jesus...

What a glory overwhelming
shined into my darkened soul,
when the gospel of my Savior
made me then His grace extol!
He my many sins forgave me,
they just sunk into the deep,  (Mich. 7:19)
what He did, now made me guilt free,
with this Shepherd for His sheep!

To His love I am responding,
since He loved my soul so much,
if so much has been forgiven,
with His love I try to touch
those who know no peace nor freedom
I with them do want to share
gospel news about a ransom
paid by Calv´ry´s Hero there!

Fickle is the love of others,
even closest friends may fail,
but much more than many mothers
always will His love prevail!
Disappointments make Him able
to give you much more relief
with His peace that is more stable
than man´s pity in your grief!

Fill your horn with holy unction  (1 Sam. 16:1)
rather than be now depressed,
thus be Spirit-filled on-moving
and you will again be blessed!
Wipe away the tears of sorrow,
be comforted by the Lord,
spreading boldly His sweet fragrance,
here and maybe, too, abroad!

April 26, 2017 - jn

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