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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Lørdag, 25. marts 2017 05:08

I was last Thursday on my way with my wife to a  an old, weak-sighted Christian lady, 88,  for a cup of coffee.  Just a few yards from her house we were approached by another elderly woman who wanted to give us a beautiful, handy "heart book" which I already knew so well.  It has on each little page a key bible word and it has been published in several languages.  (The picture shows the front page in the Farsi (Persian) language.)

"I´m not from Jehovahs Witnesses", she said.  I smiled , "No, but I can tell you love the Lord Jesus Christ!"  She smiled back and suddenly she knew me.  So we went along and she joined us at that afternoon coffee/tea table with home-made bread at the 88 years old lady´s house.

Here we were.  The two ladies in question were in appearance not exactly what would impress this world of vanity, but it pleased the Lord to give us a spirit of sweet fellowship as we shared  Christ with one another.  They go to denominations that I´m not attracted to, theologically, but their genuine "hearteology" was warm and real.  They meet every week for prayer, and they promised to pray for a specific need, I shared with them.

Then I thought, the Christians are often divided and in disagreements like what I just noticed is the case with Trump´s party, the Republicans, - but we shouldn´t be and had our setting that afternoon  been in a concentration camp,  we would immediately have had a strong sense of unity in Christ in a spirit of mutual love.

At our coffee table fellowship there were no platform show, no platform jokes, no artificial noise, and yet the reality of Matt. 18:20 was there.  That´s what many of us need to come back to, indeed that vision was renewed in my heart that "common" afternoon.  -  March 25, 2017 - jn

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