Forside Poetry "By the King´s Highway!" (Num. 21:22)
"By the King´s Highway!" (Num. 21:22) Udskriv Email
Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Tirsdag, 14. februar 2017 10:12

Tune:  Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah...
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Keep me on your highway, Savior,
as a pilgrim to Your land,
through this world of many dangers,
let upon me be your hand!
Let Your presence, let Your presence
./. satisfy my thirsty soul! ./.

In this age of evil forces
that "King´s highway" still is there,
though the enemy is roaring,
strength I find through sighs of prayer!
All its groaning, all its groaning
./. are as incense to Your Throne!  ./.

On that highway we´re proclaiming
Christ as Savior for the lost,
whom by grace He is redeeming
at the Calv´ry´s greatest cost!
His salvation, His salvation
./. is for all who turn to Him! ./.

At the end of our journey
"welcome home" His words will be,
then we shall no more be roaming,
we no foes will ever see!
./. Come, Lord Jesus, come Lord Jesus,
take us to the Father´s house! ./.

Febr. 14, 2017 - jn

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