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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Torsdag, 26. januar 2017 10:16

To me it´s such a treat, when I can sit down with believers to share with them God´s word and sing and pray together.  When I once a week see an old man, we are just the two of us, and cheerfully we call it a "summit meeting" with actually the five of us, for the Trinity is there too.

I also see a precious Iranian family with two sweet boys (6 and 8).  It´s so touching as they are very motivated for that kind of "sharing".  The mother has in her Danish Bible put the Iranian words for the different books of the Bible to make it easier to find around in the Danish Bible.

On Febr. 11 my wife and I have been invited to a birthday party for the "master of the house".  His name is Mehrab and will be 50 and will be celebrated in a rented assembly room.  She says, "We´ll  have good food, and the Bible. She means to say, "You give us something from the Bible!"

Praise the Lord, for there will be several Moslems though Moslems by name only.  There´ll likewise be formal Christians too.  A  convinced Moslem woman gave me a small shoulder bag.  "This is for your Bible", she said. That touched my heart.  She expects me in other words to bring my Bible along and use it.
It may be different in the U.S., but  here you seldom see Christians meet privately and informally for spiritual fellowship.  I remember a Christian party I went to in Fresno. Nice people with delicious food and a beautiful mansion.  When our hostess saw my Bible , she said apologetically, "Tonight we´re just going to have a good time without the Bible!"

 I tried to understand, for in America the Bible is often connected to  a church set-up or the like.  She meant it well, and it didn´t interfere with my spiritual liberty to witness.  The spirit among us was still very good.

Luther once said, "When Christians can come together without the preaching of God´s word, they may as well not come together at all!" So let that be a challenge to us, but above all in the liberty of the Spirit.

Jan. 26, 2016 - jn

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