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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Fredag, 13. januar 2017 08:13

Tune:  Gone are the days... (Old Black Joe)

Yonder the grave, for my Father´s heav´nly land
I long and crave hearing on a sunny strand
voices of loving welcome one by one,
I join their praise of Christ the Savior, God´s own Son!

Chorus: I´m coming, I´m coming, for it won´t last very long,
till I´ll be with you all in that loud praising throng!

Old are my years, and many are my sighs,
yet joyful tears are flowing from my eyes
as friends I see so happy and so free,
for Jesus and His merits are their only plea!

Up in the air we´ll meet Him as redeemed,
 He´s shining there much more than we have dreamed,
His is the glory, ever it will be,
and in celestial bodies we His face shall see!

Jan. 12, 2017 - jn

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