Forside Poetry God´s Young Plant Out of Dry Ground
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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Mandag, 12. december 2016 12:54

Tune:  My Jesus I love Thee, I know Thou art mine..

O, Jesus that sound Heaven´s joy gives to me,
He out of a dry ground *) God´s plant came to be
as God of the manger, the straws did welcome You, Lord,
for You were no stranger within that cattle´s ward!

And you as a wonder will still real be,
and Sinai´s thunder for you had to flee,
for grace was abounding, in you its fullness dwelt,
and while loud resounding, its sweetness sinners felt!

So may that sin´s  Bearer with healing and balm
as gospel declarer with words mild and calm,
restore you sad mourner, if you are ill at ease,
admit in your corner the gospel´s Christmas peace!

Dec. 12, 2016 - jn

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