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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Tirsdag, 04. oktober 2016 08:15

The eyes of the world are on Trump vs. Hillary these days.  This political game is really a game of lies, not a humble pursuit for the truth no matter the cost.  Both candidates are charged with lies.  Some are laid open to the public, some are not.  The political world  is in its subtle nature mendacious.

It´s not different in my country.  Here they even say, without blushing, that telling a lie, a so called white lie, is sometimes a political necessity, for "they have trained their tongues to lies" (Jer. 9:5). 

To this kind of world we are sent, not to make the world better but to preach against it and cry out with Peter, "Save yourselves (or be saved) from this crooked age" (Acts 2:40).  The miracle of salvation  doesn´t make the world less crooked, but will be a gospel call to pass it on to enchained souls on the sinking slave ship of this world.

Here we stand.  We will still submit to the authorities and pray for the rulers as commanded by God, for "such prayer is right and approved by God, our Savior, whose will it is that all men should find salvation and come to know the truth..."  (1 Tim. 2:3-4, NEB).  This we should do no matter who occupies the chair in the Oval Office.

The more lies told the more we should side with Christ remembering that the world won´t believe because the truth, God´s truth, the gospel truth, is being spoken.  John 8:45.  In other words, the very fact that the truth (not a truth) is being spoken, is the very reason why Christ is being rejected and the lie and the game of lies are being propagated.

America and Denmark are in the same boat.  But so are we as God´s redeemed children.  The lines should be drawn up afresh for our gospel testimony.  On your way to the voting booth on Nov. 8 and on your way back from that solemn room, do lift up Christ, His gospel being our dynamic charter "to be testified in due time"  (1 Tim. 2:6).

Oct. 4, 2016 - jn

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