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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Lørdag, 06. august 2016 08:05

In my weekly, consecutive Bible study with a dear old man, 90, we dwelt last time on John 13 about Jesus washing the disciples´ feet.

 It became clear to both of us that it was a practical object lesson on how  the Lord wants us to wash one another´s feet and not throw mud at each other.   We should also see to it that the water´s temperature is right, our common basis being  that we are already clean and cleansed in Christ.  So we have every reason to practice this standing in our behavior towards our brethren.

Then we for a moment thought of the presidential campaign in the U.S.  Both candidates would profess to be "good Christians", and they are both prepared to lay their hands on the Bible on a hopeful day of inauguration.  They would both unscrupulously invoke God´s blessing on America.  And yet in their campaign, from now on till November, they will be busy with mudslinging on a hitherto unheard scale.  Washing one another´s feet and graciously commending one another, would to them be ridiculous.

We over here are not a bit better, though our lingo may be different.  Politicians jump boldly up on the stage, very sure of themselves, pointing to themselves and letting their cohorts praise them to the skies, at the same time panning their rivals.  That spirit may rub off onto Christians too, for our old "flesh" is a evil as that of unbelievers.

Coming back to our simple gathering with the precious Spirit of God hovering over us.  These are true summit meetings, for  greater things are here done than at all the world´s man-centered election meetings.

It´s not my business to meddle and tell you how or on whom to vote.  However, we should always point to Christ with the means and talents His Spirit will endow us with. For they are after all legion. Just think about it.

August 6, 2016 - jn

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