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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Søndag, 12. juni 2016 02:05

Let me be honest.  As I try to collect myself after an afternoon with Iranian people, i.e. Moslems, Christians, non-Christians and myself as an ambassador with entrusted "credentials" pointing to "a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation" (1  Tim. 1:15), my feelings are mixed.

Why are there so few established Christians in my immediate surroundings that respond to my longing for the "fellowship in the gospel" (Phil. 1:5)?  Are they so busy with their Christianity that they get no time to be gospel Christians?  I´m confused.  Or am I the one that got the wrong end of the stick?  Maybe I´m an outright backslider not fitted for the drawing room of the religious "bourgeoisie"?

As I thrust myself in the arms of Jesus I take courage however.  Indeed, I´m as much  a backslider as Jesus.  He was expelled from the established worship and it was those outside its walls that responded.  May I be there too.  And so, strangely enough, it was a Moslem couple in particular that pricked up their ears.  And it was a non-Christians couple that coveted my prayers as they face a tough, final school examination this week.

The Lord gave me, I believe, a simple word from Gen. 3:9 " Where are you?" and I trust it went home to our hearts emphasizing that God is a compassionate, seeking God that asks the same question today in the gospel of Jesus who "is come to seek and to save that which was lost", nay, including those who feel so lost that they can´t even find themselves!

We had simple gospel preaching all right, and there were good talks between us too.  The Moslem young wife said to me, "We like Denmark but we know so few Danes!"  I said to her, "From now on you may belong to our family!" And a good contact was established.
Backslider or not, I hope I´m heeding the call to "go forth unto Him without the (religious) camp, bearing His reproach" (Hebr. 13:13) - yes, out there where there are lost souls to be found.

June 12, 2016 - jn

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