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Mandag, 12. oktober 2015 03:29

We´ve been dwelling on the wedding at Cana in our group.  Last Saturday I heard a story about a child who was asked what she thought of that wedding. “So good He was there!” she said.

A mother, a friend of mine, told her kids about a prayer the Lord had answered. One of the children exclaimed in delight, “How smart Jesus is!”

I once asked a Faroese Sunday school class, “If Jesus happens to enter our room through that door over there, where do you want Him to sit?”  A little girl made a move at her bench thus providing for an extra seat.  I asked her, “Do you want Him to sit with you?”  I got a happy nod.

I asked the Sunday school children on the west coast of Norway to tell me what we call a person who goes to foreign places to tell unreached people about Jesus.  A child suggested, “A millionaire!”   She meant to say, “A missionary”, but “Millionaire” and “Missionary” (“Missionær” in our tongue) sounds in a child´s ears very much alike.

But I told the Sunday school kids that the answer was pretty good, as those telling about Jesus are really very rich being God´s millionaires.

One of our own girls once had a good thought on Ps. 23. I explained to the little ones that “the green pastures” equal green grass.  The comment was, “Yes, and it never withers away!”  What a precious commentary as the word of God is like the green grass, always fresh and lush.

In Germany I once told a Bible story to some children in a garden.  I told them about Zacchæus who had “climbed up into a sycamore tree”.  I asked the kids, “Why do you think he was sinner?” A boy said, “Because he climbed up into a tree!” That was forbidden, he knew.

Mingling with children is usually more inspiring than “deep” theological commentaries. I use them though, but they don´t make me smile and think in the same way as the children, the Lord´s favorite buddies.

October 12, 2015 - jn

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