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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Fredag, 04. september 2015 03:28

(Sing your own tune)

Oh, listen to a quiet word
about the Spirit´s voice
which you yourself have felt and heard
while you in Christ rejoice!

Great doctrines we indeed are taught
to keep us right on track,
but holy fire must be caught,
or else we power lack!

Inspired therefore we should be
by His life-giving breath,
for if in Christ we aren´t free,
our words convey but death!

Dead orthodoxy churches throngs,
yet grieved away is He,
whose Spirit passionately longs
our ardent flame to be!

From Pentecost and till this day
Christ does empower again
despite each vessel´s fragile clay
His host of Zion´s men!

Sept. 4, 2015 – jn

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