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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Mandag, 09. februar 2015 09:06

Tune:  Have Thine own way, Lord…

Trust in the Lord, so simple it sounds,
still on my heart that message He pounds,
for I am prone for men´s praise to look
rather than rest in God´s blessed Book!

Often God´s truth I learn in a way
that my old flesh does not find okay,
self-pity makes me bitterly groan,
till He becomes my answer alone!

His lonely path does not crave for praise,
yet it is there the Lord´s presence stays,
to feast on Jesus in desert´s land,
is your oasis in all its sand!

You may not know how to understand
in all your hardships His loving hand,
be still and wait, a morning of grace
will soon light up your down-hearted face!

Empty me, Lord, that in your good will
you with your Spirit may me refill,
first you my pride and self-love must shear
so that lost sinners your grace may hear!

Febr. 9, 2015 - jn

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