Forside Poetry From Egypt to Canaan
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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Tirsdag, 08. oktober 2013 13:30

Tune:  “Da Israel ved Babels flod…”  (Norwegian)

From Egypt God His people freed
to go the desert way,
where He would meet their daily need
and never them betray!

Chorus:  Yes, the Lord Himself them led
and with heav’nly bread them fed,
from the Rock they quenched their thirst so deep,
o, Thou, Lord, right in their midst,
just such glorious wonders didst,
caring for Thy helpless sheep!

They many enemies did meet
who Israel’s God defied,
but He their evil did defeat,
when loud for help they cried!

White manna God from Heaven sent,
each morning it was there,
it for their daily joy was meant
and showed how God did care!

A tabernacle they got too,
for sin was sacrificed
a spotless lamb that no sin knew,
it shadowed Jesus Christ!

They came at last to Canaan’s land,
it was that journey worth,
they were protected by God’s hand
as heirs of noble birth!

Yakima, WA, USA, Oct. 8, 2013

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