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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Onsdag, 17. Juli 2013 09:20

This wondrous God-made summertime
should make our hearts with awe
and grace and gospel mercy rhyme
which makes your life no bore!

This work of God is our plea
that He´s the God who´s there
who owns the hills, the land and sea
and hears each helpless prayer!

He is the God who gave us Christ
as Savior from our sin,
His precious blood He sacrificed
our poor, lost souls to win!

At God´s creation work  now stare,
just for a little while,
O, let your countenance, too, wear
your Maker´s happy smile!

That´s how the gospel works, indeed,
the wind blows everywhere  (Joh. 3:8)
the smile of Christ may even lead
some soul to God who`s there!

July 17, 2013 – jn

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