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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Onsdag, 17. april 2013 05:40

If you want to be discouraged look at yourself,
if you want to be encouraged look to Jesus!

The "deadness" in our soul is not
the problem when in Him
a perfect standing still we got
ev' n when our sight is dim!

To be alive in Christ alone  *)
is simple gospel truth,
with Jesus God did you enthrone,
o, hear it, age and youth!

We sometimes feel that we're dried up
and frozen is each lip,
but when with Christ God fills our cup
sweet is our fellowship!

Christ is the object of our prayer
though holy words we lack,
of groanings though God still does care  **)
and never loses track!

Make much of what He did for you,
count on what God has said,
let Christ then be your safe rescue,
not least when you feel dead!

Bergerac, France, April 4, 2013, jn

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”Ethvert skrift er indblæst af Gud”

(2. Tim. 3:16)