Forside Poetry The Sweetness of His Name
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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Søndag, 10. februar 2013 13:43

The name of Christ I dare confess
to disbelieving friends,
that name my heart and soul does bless
it worldly thoughts transcends.

I´m sometimes asked how do I know
that Jesus is the truth?
But love on me He did bestow
once in my early youth.

I listened to the gospel word,
and I was saved by grace,
for saving faith came as I heard
and did God´s truth embrace.

Not by my intellect nor head
I all His truth can hold,
and yet His word my soul has fed
with blessings manifold.

No matter how the world argues,
the sweetness of His name
my soul refreshes and renews,
so I´ll His name proclaim!

Febr. 10, 2013 - jn

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